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♦️ Step 1:

To give user name and here in AWS Access type give programmatic access so that it enables access key & secret key for AWS CLI.

♦️ Step 2 :

Here, give permissions to that user & here I gave Power Access to the user

♦️ Step 3: You can add tags (it’s not mandatory)

♦️ Step 4 : Now AWS, will generate Access Key & Secret Key for that user. We have to use this Access Key & Secret Key to login into our AWS CLI.

👉🏻 Here you can see user “awscli” is created.🤩

Here, provide the access key & secret key to login

aws <command> <subcommand> <options>

🧩 aws ec2 help :

This gives all the commands available in ec2.

🧩 aws ec2 create-key-pair — key-name TaskKeyPair

To create new security group

🧩 aws ec2 create-security-group — group-name TaskSG — description “Task Security Group”

🔰 By using this newly created key pair & security group we have to launch new instance.

🧩 aws run-instances — image-id ami-0e306788ff2473ccb — instance-type t2.micro — subnet-id subnet-37666f5f — count 1 — security-group-ids sg-082e7e59275801fcd — key-name TaskKeyPair


🔰 Now, we have to create an EBS volume of 1 GB.

🧩 aws ec2 create-volume — volume-type gp2 — size 1 — availability-zone ap-south-1a

🧩 aws ec2 attach-volume — volume-id vol-0522f336c28172eb1 — instance-id i-07345102940d94e27 — device /dev/sdf

🧩 aws ec2 stop-instances — instance-id i-07345102940d94e27

🎗Hope this article is helpful !!🎗

♦️Thanks for reading !!!!😄✌🏻

🔰 Keep learning !! Keep sharing !!🔰



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